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Having to write a vision led to many reflections. A single vision in the world we live in? We have many visions! One of them is to make health-promoting products easily available. We are both concerned with health, because it is important in relation to a good quality of life. A good quality of life is so many things and it will be very individual, but many of us have probably experienced that what we eat and drink affects us to a large extent. Through many years of our own experience, we have found many products that have helped us and many others to optimize their health in many ways.


Sustainability and the environment are important to us. We are so lucky to live on this wonderful planet. For us, it is important to take care of it. In our search for products, it is important to us that the manufacturers also have this in focus. We hope that with I-AM we can contribute to increased awareness of health and sustainability. Thanks. ❤

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