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Protrett av en kvinne.
Marianne  Feydt

My name is Marianne Feydt, and I run Medisinsk Yoga Drammen next to I-AM AS. Here I run groups and courses in MediYoga, EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga). I offer Yoga therapy, Gong events, psycho therapy, TFT therapy, TRE treatments, dietary guidance, course development etc

Health is important to me. The connection between body and mind is absolutely essential. What do I eat, what do I surround myself with, how do I choose to live my life? I believe that we can live our lives in a good way by making the right choices.

I have spent a lot of time and energy finding products that are appropriate in many ways. The desire to convey this has now been fulfilled and we can finally share it with you. 

A tea-cup and pot on a wooden table.
Our journey

We already met when we were ten years old. We quickly became friends and spent a lot of time together. During our nearly forty-year friendship, we have experienced both ups and downs in life together. The years have gone by so fast, many years with small children and hectic days. This is also something that is felt on and in the body over time.

As our children got older, we both felt that we had to give ourselves more time and attention, and take even better care of our health. Health is important to have good and many days. We know that life goes in waves and that not all days are the same, but by having as optimal health as possible both mentally and physically, it is much easier to face the days that we consider challenging. Because the challenging days also give us a lot of lessons.


There are probably more of us who have tried countless products, methods, diets, cures, etc. We feel that something works, and other things don't work so well. This is also about what we need at certain times in life. Everything in its time.

Tea field.

For thousands of years, nature has given us what we need to live, but we feel that much of this is a bit forgotten these days. We see bringing back and using the knowledge and experience available to us as incredibly important.

As for IDO tea, I (Marianne) came across these teas a number of years ago (2015).

After drinking these out of necessity and really getting to know the effect these teas had on my body, I was so pleasantly surprised that I chose to import them into Norway where I sold them in a clinic I had at the time. The teas were found nowhere else in Norway and very few places in Europe. The feedback from the customers was striking.


I presented the teas to Aina, who also - from a health professional perspective - was convinced of the positive effect the teas can have on health. We decided to share so that more people can have the opportunity to make good choices and improve their health in a good and natural way.


This is how our journey with I-AM began.  And this is just the beginning.

Thank you for joining.

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