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  • Fermented "Willowy tea" 30 bags.
  • Fermented "Willowy tea" 30 bags.

Fermented "Willowy tea" 30 bags.


Say goodbye to the puffy morning face!


Swollen face, swollen hands and feet.

Our liver and kidneys are always working extra hard to cleanse our body of everything that wears on it; strong spices, salty and sweet. As a result of this, our body swells.

It is not easy to change our eating habits. Make it easier with Light tea!

Four beneficial ingredients in Willowy tea help the body to remove waste, and provide relief to the liver and kidneys.

For a healthy detox, you will need a well-balanced diet, adequate fiber intake, a moderate amount of exercise, and IDOs Willowy tea.

The combination of the four ingredients contributes to increased urine production, as well as increased excretion of waste substances from your body.

Jeju Bamboo Leaves:

Stabilizes blood circulation.

Stabilizes body and soul.

Mulberry leaves:

Affects the bodys water metabolism.

Lotus leaves:

Cleanses the blood.

Tangerine peel:

Promotes digestion.


Get rid of what you dont need with Willowy tea; your everyday solution to constipation. Willowy tea promotes circulation in the gastrointestinal system so you can get rid of unnecessary waste in your body. Try this tea if you dont want to spend too much time on the toilet.


This tea is great for you who:

  • Gets easily swollen and bloated
  • Have cloudy/cloudy urine
  • Experiencing constipation regularly
  • Worried about getting diabetes
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