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  • Fermented "Purification" tea, 30 bags.
  • Fermented "Purification" tea, 30 bags.

Fermented "Purification" tea, 30 bags.


Do you struggle with menstrual problems, the thyroid gland, menopause or hormonal imbalance?

Purification tea lives up to its name! It helps to cleanse and detoxify your liver as well as the stool in your bowel. This process minimizes the accumulation of harmful substances in your body. As a result, the tea will help lighten your body and eliminate body waste.

Organic tangerine peel removes waste, Kudz root is rich in phytoestrogens and relieves hangovers, Jeju bamboo leaves reduce stress and are beneficial for the brain. These, along with the renowned cleansing ingredient Smilax, are blended to perfection to satisfy all your cleansing and inner balance needs.

Jeju Bamboo Leaves:

Stabilizes body and mind.

Are good for blood circulation.

Stabilizes blood pressure.


Cleanses, extracts toxins.

Cleanses heavy metals.

Kudzu root:

Good for blood circulation.

Good for liver function.

Tangerine peel:

Promotes digestion.

Improves liver function.


Awakens your inner cleansing ability. See more clearly, and become more harmonized. Fermented, and using four beneficial ingredients, this tea will cleanse away debris and waste from both your body and mind.

This tea is great for those of you who:

Often drink alcohol and get a feeling of hangover.

Experiencing menstrual cramps/PMS.

Have inflammation that lasts longer than usual.

Loves meat and fried food.

Tends to stress.

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