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  • Fermented "Lotus Leaf" tea, 20 bags.
  • Fermented "Lotus Leaf" tea, 20 bags.

Fermented "Lotus Leaf" tea, 20 bags.


Pure lotus and its clarity right in a cup of IDO tea.


Lotus leaves are well known to be beneficial for the female body. IDO only uses organically certified lotus leaves and a traditional fermentation technique so that the beneficial substances are absorbed in the best possible way.


Lotus leaves, which cleanse the veins and blood itself, also cleanse your body and mind. They are also known for their ability to break down nicotine, and also prevent bad breath.

Lotus leaves also contain a large amount of lecithin, which helps prevent dementia. Moreover, they contain reomerine, tyrosine, flavonoid, etc. This high activity of antioxidant enzymes is good for geriatric diseases such as diabetes. The abundance of bioactive substances in the lotus leaves lowers blood pressure if you have not drunk caffeine.


Let the power of the lotus cleanse you.


This tea is great for you who:

Concerned about blood circulation.

Smoking tobacco.

Likes meat and a diet with a lot of fried food.

Experiencing cloudy, cloudy urine.

Often experience constipation.

You constantly feel tired and lethargic.

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