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  • Fermented "Light Tea" 10 bags.
  • Fermented "Light Tea" 10 bags.

Fermented "Light Tea" 10 bags.


Make your body lighter and remove the waste!


Are you spending too much time on the toilet?

Are you trapped in an unhealthy weight spiral?

Do you count calories but never lose weight?


Get rid of unnecessary weight with IDOs Light tea.

The blend of organic lotus leaves and organic tangerine peel from Jeju contributes to anti-acid activity, improved blood circulation and cleansing of your body.


Take control of your body in an easier way by drinking this Light tea that increases the digestive function of the stomach and liver, to completely digest proteins and fats.

Lotus leaves:

Good for blood circulation.

Tangerine peel:

Promotes digestion.


When your body feels constipated and greasy inside, or when you tend to spend more than five minutes on the toilet, this Light tea will make you feel lighter.


This tea is great for you who:

- Enjoys fatty and sweet food

- Are used to eating strong or salty food

- Spends a long time on the toilet

- Want to lose weight

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