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  • Fermented "Kudzu Root" tea, 20 bags.
  • Fermented "Kudzu Root" tea, 20 bags.

Fermented "Kudzu Root" tea, 20 bags.


Kudzu stimulates blood circulation and contributes its strength to make your day powerful.

A good Kudzu root is steamed, fermented, and roasted to a precise and perfect condition. Such a process reduces the absorption of starch while increasing the bioactive substance. This results in the Kudzu tea not being too strong, but feeling clean and tasty. This tea is also very good for relieving hangovers.

A research report from the USA found a natural substance in Kudzuroten that can cure certain metabolic syndromes with a significant amount of isoflavones. Kudzu has also been reported to be effective in the prevention of cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.


Get rid of hangovers with the robust vitality of Kudzu.

This tea is great for you who:

Often drinks alcohol.

Feeling tired.

Experience dry and flaky skin in dry weather.

Am a woman in her fifties.

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