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  • Fermented "Good Night Tea" 10 bags.
  • Fermented "Good Night Tea" 10 bags.
SKU: 0008

Fermented "Good Night Tea" 10 bags.


Good Night Tea

Why twist and wait for you when you can sleep well?

Good and sufficient sleep makes the morning better. It can also be the driving force you need to start your day fresh and strong.

To sleep better:

  • Make sure you have a comfortable bed, with bedding that fits your body.
  • Consume less caffeine than recommended.
  • Avoid screen use before bedtime.
  • Drink IDO Good night tea throughout the day.

A refresher for students. Relieves stress and tension. Energizing for insomniacs. Tension-relieving. Longer maturation process and fermentation ensure a mild taste and smell - for
body and soul. You will notice the difference.

Jeju Bamboo Leaves:

Lowers stress levels.

Stabilizes the effects of the autonomic nervous system.

Polygonia root:

Stabilizes the central nervous system.


Good night tea promotes healthy blood circulation in the brain, which stabilizes the nerves and eases your thoughts. The consequences of this will be that your body enters a state that makes it easier for you to sleep better.

This tea is great for you who:

  • Sleeps poorly
  • Gets easily stressed or anxious
  • Suffering from headaches
  • Experiencing a stressful everyday or working day
  • Is sensitive to caffeine
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