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  • Fermented "Enamor" tea. 30 bags.
  • Fermented "Enamor" tea. 30 bags.

Fermented "Enamor" tea. 30 bags.


The remedy you turn to for beautiful, clean and healthy skin. The glow will come from within.

Do you spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics without visible results? Does it seem like the more you try to take care of your skin the worse it gets? If you suffer from indigestion, make-up will not sit well on your skin. Do you also drink coffee every day? Dont forget to get your daily cup of Enamor tea!

Enamor tea helps to cleanse you from the inside, which will be reflected in your skin. The ingredients in Enamor tea will cleanse your body and prevent skin aging – while also contributing to the hydration of your skin.

This is the one fermented tea that is sure to protect and help the skin.


Tangerine peel:

Good for digestion.

Kudzu root:

Improves blood circulation.

Improves liver function.

Root from magnolia shieldberry:

Works antibacterially.

Has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Peony root:

Prevents gynecological diseases.

The everyday tea for your everyday glow.


This tea is great for those of you who:

Have skin problems.

Cant use anything other than extra mild skin care products.

Are concerned about tummy tucks.

Is sensitive to seasonal changes and pollen.

Cant stop late supper.

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