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  • Fermented "Breathing" tea, 30 bags.
  • Fermented "Breathing" tea, 30 bags.

Fermented "Breathing" tea, 30 bags.


When you need to stop and take a breath.

Breathing fresh air is a luxury in todays world.

Our respiratory system suffers from polluting gases, dust, mites and chemical, synthetic substances.

If you often suffer from seasonal allergies, stuffy nose or cold-like symptoms, IDOs Breathing tea is a must-have for your health.


Offer your loved ones a break from pollution and let them have a better everyday experience.

Breathing tea is effective for smokers too.

Healthy and proper breathing is a decisive factor for your overall health.

By drinking IDOs Breathing tea you will breathe better!


The combination of the two ingredients contributes to healthy and proper breathing:

Root from purple bellflower:

Protects the bronchi.

Chinese Honeysuckle Flower:

Acts anti-inflammatory.

Strengthens the immune system.


Take a break and take a breath. Do you feel that you are not breathing well enough in your everyday life; try this tea.

It will protect you from dry air-conditioned air, mild cold symptoms and chilly weather.


This tea is great for you who:

  • Suffers from allergies and/or runny nose, sneezing
  • Works in air-conditioned and/or polluted air
  • Trying to quit smoking
  • Constantly overworked
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