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  • Fermented "Balloon Flower" tea 20 bags.
  • Fermented "Balloon Flower" tea 20 bags.

Fermented "Balloon Flower" tea 20 bags.


This tea protects you from air pollution.

This tea protects you from air pollution:

  • Has challenges with dry throat and runny nose
  • Are concerned about or have challenges with dust and air pollution

Have a cold working environment and often feel sick, especially in winter

Maximizes the effect of saponin in the Purple Bell flower through fermentation, saponin is known to be an even better bioactive substance than ginseng saponin. The taste becomes mild and delicate and beneficial for digestion. Balloon flower cleans out waste from bronchial tubes and lungs. If you have asthma or pneumonia, drink Purple Bell Flower tea and fermented lonicera flower. We harvest healthy 3-year-old herbicide-free Purple Bell Flower roots and they go through our fermentation process. Many people use honey or honey to avoid bitterness from Ballon Flower.

But in IDOs Ballon Flower tea tastes mild and delicate without added sugar. The confirmed results from studies on obesity show that visceral fat and areas were reduced. Natural fat and cholesterol in the liver were also reduced because Ballon Flower improved the activity of lipid and glycometabolism.

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