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Grønn te

Grønn te derimot går ofte også gjennom en kort hvile/visneperiode før bladene blir enten dampet (hovedpraksis i Japan) eller ristet /tørket i store wok (hovedpraksis i Kina) for å stoppe oksidasjon. Ved å dampe/ riste bladene kort tid etter innhøstningen er oksidasjonen meget lav og bladene beholder dens grønne farge. Bladene blir videre formet og tørket. I Japan har man tradisjon med å skyggelegge tebusker 2-4 uker før innhøstning for øke mengden l-theanin og redusere katekiner. Eksempel på slike teer er kabusecha, gyokuro og matcha.

IDO tea

In Korean, IDO means "Right Way" or the "Wise Way" or "The Better Way" - health for body and mind.

IDO Te makes beverages for a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy life using a safe fermentation technique where they use traditional Korean herbal ingredients.

By fermenting these ingredients, excess flavor strength is reduced, while the health-giving effects are maximized, and the most enjoyable and health-giving beverage on the market is available.

Each tea is made with frugality and a formula-based methodology, and with a completely unique blend of natural, health-giving herbs.


What is Tea Therapy?

IDO Tea therapy is an excellent way to take care of both body and mind.

IDO would like to introduce you to its tea therapy, which is of the very highest quality; effective and without side effects. ​

Easily absorbed, without a bitter or overwhelming taste. Simple, but with noticeable effect.

  • Add one of our 20 different fermented medicinal herbs or mix two or more of them to get rid of daily health challenges and to prevent lifestyle related diseases.

  • Tea therapy using IDOs fermented herbal teas will help you find a good balance in both body and mind.



Fermentation is a process where organic compounds are broken down into simpler chemical compounds with the help of enzymes.

Benefits of IDO  fermentation

  • Improved detox function

  • Active nutrients

  • No side effects

Useful herbs that bring health to humans but are not easy to consume due to their strong and bitter taste are fermented into delicate and mild tea.

IDO tea  fermentation technique resulted in a completely new understanding of how tea can create well-being and be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is understandable that fermentation and useful ingredients are appropriate for us, but why in the form of an herbal tea? 

  • Fermented herbal teas are easy to drink -   like water - without added sugar or other additives.

  • This is one of the reasons why IDO is a unique brand that stands out from other tea brands on the market.

  • It is the one tea that can be drunk like water, and your body will surely appreciate it.


How to enjoy IDO tea

  • Teabag products are a great choice for the citizens of todays modern and active society.

  • The tea bags are imports of Coretech, certified NON-GMO PLA. Each bag contains 1.0~1.2g of tea.

  • Steep 1 tea bag in 300~500ml of hot water (80~90 degrees) for 30 seconds ~2 minutes.

  • Depending on the steeping time, the tea will taste weaker or stronger.

  • Each bag can make 2~3 cups of 500ml tea.

  • Should you find that the first cup of tea is too strong and the following cups are too weak; pull for 30 seconds instead of one minute for the first cup, remove the bag and then repeat for the other cups.

  • It is best to drink the tea throughout the day as a substitute for water. You can do this by carrying the finished tea with you in a 500ml bottle.


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